Zagubieni w skórze


Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kultury 

Friday, 12th May, 18:00

Concept, directing, choreography: Anna Piotrowska,

Creation and performance: Angelika Tomasiak, Artur Bieńkowski, Szymon Dobosik, Kamil Bończyk, Alexey Torgunakov

Music: Michał Mackiewicz,

Costumes: Adam Królikowski,

Scenography: Anna Piotrowska,

Lights: Anna Piotrowska & Paweł Murlik

Realisation: Michał Wawrzyniak, Dastin Greczyło

Duration: 70 min. (without an interval)

The one of latest performancesof ROZBARK Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom directed andchoreographed by Anna Piotrowska is a physiological and philosophic story about deep experiencingand getting to know oneself. The artist had a closer look at the BODY that became the spectacle’smain protagonist. The skin becomes a sort of conventionality, protection, umbrella or trampoline.The presence and a broader cognition of one’s own body causes better functioning in the society ofother, second, but the same bodies.The following dancers of ROZBARK Theatre, known to the audience from Piotrowska’s previousproductions, will impersonate the main protagonist: Angelika Tomasiak, Artur Bieńkowski, Szymon Dobosik, Kamil Bończyk, Alexey Torgunakov. Piotrowska tries to answer the questions, which preoccupy her: what am I? and what constitutes me and consequently – who am I? We only know ourselves on the surface, we slide on the surface of our being. Lost, busy, strangers to ourselves – we simply do not know ourselves well. We have no time to listen to the needs of our body, which has its own sensitivity, intelligence and needs.


Voices of the press:

”How much our body is able to endure? How well do we know it and do we really listen to its needs? To what degree do we open ourselves to other bodies? These are the questions around which the latest spectacle by Anna Piotrowska, realised on the stage of Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom, focus. (…).”.

Moje ciało jest świątynią, Magdalena Figzał, 23 rd November, 2015,


”(...) this time the physiological motifs absolutely dominate over the cultural and philosophic interpretation, which in this case acts significantly to the benefit of the spectacle. In “Zagubieni w skórze” Piotrowska gives up using the body as a tool serving creation of some kind of world. In the dance and sound pictures, designed by the choreographer, a material, concrete presence of the bodies comes to the fore. Bodies that are absorbed in not just dance, but continuous movement, strictly coupled with the rhythm of a sharp, electronic, and mechanical music by Michał Mackiewicz. (…).”.

Moje ciało jest świątynią, Magdalena Figzał, 23 rd November, 2015,


”(...) “Lost in the skin” by Anna Piotrowska is a peculiar laboratory of the body in which on the one hand its capability of feeling and reactions to external stimuli are tested and on the other hand the corporal needs and desires are thoroughly examined. (…) The direct perception of Anna Piotrowska’s spectacle is a through and through sensual experience – very loud music penetrates our bodies, whereas the movements of the actors, coordinated with it, are expressive enough that somehow we feel them as our own or at least we are able to envision our own reaction to the physical experiences presented on the scene.”.
Moje ciało jest świątynią, Magdalena Figzał, 23 rd November, 2015,

phot. Aleksander Joachimiak 



Anna Piotrowska Artistic Manager of ROZBARK Theatre’s ensemble. Dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher, Founder and Chairman of the Board of eferte Dance Development Foundation, founder of “mufmi” in Warsaw (1995 – the theatre is active in Klub DGW). She has created over 90 original choreographies and spectacles. She is the originator and coordinator of many national and international educational and cultural programs: PolemiQi, Atak przestrzeni, Kierunek, (Europa_Warszawa).taniec, SoloDuo_Polska, laboratorium choreografii, British 4 Polish Dance and others. Laureate of the “SoloDuo Dance Festival” (Budapest 2005/2006), repeatedly a juror of SoloDuo. Scholar of the British Council Awards 2004 Young Polish Arts Entrepreneur. Producer of dance theatre spectacles. Juror of Dolina Kreatywna of the TV channel TVP2 in the Fields of Dance and culture animation. Anna Piotrowska participated as a guest in the Gramigna Festival (Palermo 2007), International Poesifestival (Stockholm 2007), Nu Dance Fest (Bratislava 2007/2008), Fabriaktionen (Berlin 2008), Working Title Festival (Brussels 2008), as well as many times as a guest of the International Contemporary Dance Conference (Bytom), International Festival of Contemporary Dance Forms (Kalisz, first prize 2007), International Dance Theatre Meetings (Lublin), repeatedly a guest of the SoloDuo Dance Festival (Budapest 2005-2012). Movement director in drama theatres, among others in Szczecin, Zielona Góra, Poznań, Cracow, Warsaw, Białystok and Legnica. She created the performance for Wrocław Mime Theatre of Henryk Tomaszewski “The History of Ugliness”. Piotrowska was participating in the international art project “RECORDING FIELDS” in tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf in October 2014. In September 2015 she twice received main awards at two monodram’s theatre festivals in Warsaw and Koszalin with her new performance dedicated to the great Artist Tadeusz Kantor. Her last premieres are “Lost in the skin” & “Underground suns” made on the dancer of ROZBARK Dance & Movement Theatre in Bytom. In 2016 Anna Piotrowska received Gold Mask for her theater performances in Rozbark Theatre.

ROZBARK DANCE AND MOVEMENT THEATRE IN BYTOM is located in the building of the historic waiting room of the Rozbark Mine, which was founded in 1868. Excavation of coal was finalized in 2004 and three years later a part of the Rozbark Mine’s buildings was entered in the register of monuments. The activity of ROZBARK Theatre is based on three sections: artistic, educational and social activity. ROZBARK Theatre’s mission and assumption is creating and propagating of the art of contemporary dance enriched by other forms of the art of movement with which it wants to reach kids, youth, and adults. So far ROZBARK Theatre realised 12 premieres, it was one of the partners of an international project ”Recording Fields” and it has prepared many educational and social projects. In 2014, the Theatre was nominated for the Golden Mask award in the category of choreography for the spectacle ”This Is Not a Love Song” choreographed by the duo Ivgi&Greben and in 2015 it was awarded the GRAND PRIX of the 13 th National Review of Contemporary Monodrama and the first prize of the 3 rd Koszalin Monodrama Days ”The Debuts” for the spectacle “toniejestpostawartystyczna, czyli premiery nie będzie” directed by Anna Piotrowska. Anna Piotrowska is the artistic manager of the ensemble. She is a dancer, choreographer, director, contemporary dance teacher, scholar of the British Council Awards 2004, and twice a laureate of the SoloDuo Dance Festival in Budapest.