Sto toastów

"100 TOASTS''

Wydział Sztuki Lalkarskiej Akademii Teatralnej

Piątek, 12 maja, godz. 20:00

Choreography: Anita Wach

Performance: Anita Wach

Concept: Bojan Jablanovec

Music: Glenn Miller, Michael Nyman, The Stooges, Alfred Schnittke

Producent: Spela Trost

Production: Via Negativa we wsparciu Miasta Lublana

Coproduction: Maat Festiwal Lublin, Stowarzyszenie Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne Warszawa

Duration: 50 min

Hundred Toasts is a celebration. We raise our glasses and toast a genuine artist, who knows how to bring people together. The artist, who knows how to make people think. The artist, who knows how to focus people’s attention on the most important issues. The artist, who knows what exactly is the most important issue. And we also toast to all of us, the present and absent ones, who need to be cheered up: deadly bored ones, badly confused ones, pretty disappointed ones and to all, for no reason, sad ones.


Hundred Toasts is dedicated to the 100 years celebration of the birth of the Polish theater director and visual artist Tadeusz Kantor.

phot. Marcandrea

Anita Wach

A dancer, choreographer and performer. A dancer in  Silesian Dance Theatre  (Bytom,1996-2003). Since 2005 a member of  Bretoncaffe Theatre (Warsaw). She was a resident in  Pact Zollwerein Choreographic Centre  (2005), a scholar of Pro Helvetia(2003) and  Polish Ministry of Culture(in 2011 and 2016) . In 2010 she started collaboration with Via Negativa as a performer and as a co-author and choreographer in: solo 'Oops' ( coproduction with Modul Dance, 2011), solo '100 toasts' (2015) and group piece 'The Ninth' (2016). She is also an author of  three dance performances:  Inch 1,5 – solo performance(  2006)  , improvised –solo work on/off (2010) and syncretist duet “” (2009). Co-founder of  JaJaJaNeNeNe Association and TukaWach company (Warsaw- London non profit organisation).  Choreographer and co-directer of new piece 'Private Stocktaking. How the hares are dying'(2016). Initiator of ephemeral artistic group Kwartet Patetyczny, director and choreographer of group performance 'gloria! and  solo piece 'Mute' (2013). 

Bojan Jablanovec

A theatre director, founder and artistic director of the Via Negativa project . He graduated at Ljubljana Academy of Theater. From 1993 to 1999, he directed in most Slovenian theatres. From 1997 to 1999, he lectured as an assistant/trainee at Academy of Theatre Ljubljana. In 1999, he stopped directing in Slovenian repertory theatres and dedicated himself to theatre research. He mainly focuses on formation of a process, which effectively brings a performer to his authorial creation – so as to become a performing artist, who stands on stage with his own declaration, with his own body in meaning. In 2002 he founded Via Negativa, an international contemporary performing arts project.  Using a reduction as working method, he focuses on the relationship between the performer and the viewer, and on the question of the real in this relationship.