„STENCIL [Clearance 1/8]”

Wydział Sztuki Lalkarskiej Akademii Teatralnej
Thursday, 11th May, 20:00

Choreography: Paweł Grala

Directing: Paweł Grala

Music: Maciej Maciaszek

Scenography: Agnieszka Zawartko

Performance: Joanna Jaworska, Michał Ratajski

Duration: 45 min

Grey concrete, the sequence of small windows, typical two-room flat, which is exactly the same as all flats in this block. The flat's plan represents form for functional rhythm of everyday movements, determines its trajectory and restricts its space. In the same way the constructions of the body determine ways of emotional articulation. The performance is the sculpture of everyday life, in which people are coming closer and further. Two bodies in limited space, split and tie the space, two bodies which are in front of each other, with each other, in relation to each other. The repetition and architecture of movements creates the sculpture which touches love, lack of something, longing, closeness.

phot. Paweł Wyszomirski















Paweł Grala

Paweł Grala - graduate of School of Education and Choreography and Dance techniques at the Academy of Music in Lodz. Since 2009 he has been working with Jack Owczarek in a Physical Studio. He has worked with choreographers from Poland and abroad such as: David Zambrano, Robert Hayden, Ray Chang, Dada von Bzdylow Theatre, Bretoncaffe Theatre, Lublin Dance Theatre and with independent artists: Rafał Dziemidok, Kaya Kołodziejczyk. He has started his own work as choreographer in collective for the Physical Studio’s performance „Moths”, „9.81”, improvised performance „24h” and project „Logografowie. W ruchu” in Museum of Modern Art in Opole. „Stencil” is his own authorial project, and the first part of this project is performance „Stencil. [Clearance 1/8]”.

Performers' bio:

Joanna Jaworska - for ten years she was a member of privat ballet studio led by Laila Arifulina. She collaborates with teatr in Rzeszow in dance performance Macondo and solo performance „HAREY”. After moving to Lodz she was one of founder and member of Physical Studio led by Jacek Owczarek. She graduated from Choreography and Dance Techniques faculty at Academy of Music in Łódź, and Art Promotion at Łódź University. She took part in many professional projects and performances: "TOV" choreographed by Rosana Gamson, "Topologie" project of Les gens d’Uterpan. She was an assistant of choreographer Robert Hayden in Oratorium Dance Project. She is collaborating with Pinokio puppet theater, New Theater in Łódź, Museum of Art in Łódź.

Michał Ratajski - he is interested in video dance, martial arts and contact improvisation. He finished the course for contemporary dance teacher, scholar of Alternative Academy of Dance in Poznań. He took part in international contact improvisation teachers exchange - ECITE and performers - 100 Dancers. He started up KIJO dance theatre and creates performances (Do, Wszystko to, z czym się (nie) urodziliśmy, Do Witolda, Spokojnie...inni mają gorzej, KISZ, Dyptyk na 3 duety, Mioklonopolis). Together with KIJO group he organizes FRU festival - P.F.K.I. One of the founders of Contact Improvisation Academy. He gives lessons in STA Stadium of theater and acting. In every day life he is related to Łódź city, he actively attends the city life. He collaborates with puppet theatre Pinokio and Chorea Theatre.