Wydział Sztuki Lalkarskiej Akademii Teatralnej

Sunday, 14th May, 16:30

Choreography: Karolina Kardasz

Performance: Karolina Kardasz i Omar Karabulut

Duration: 8 min

Dialogue between dancers. This particular issue is being explored. The project shows different behavior during the dispute. It is a way of watching dancers in a given situation. The recipient does not see the beginning or the end. They have the opportunity to see their world which is created by rhythmical movement, improvisation, pauses and natural reactions to the partner.

phot. Adam Kraus


Karolina Kardasz

Karolina Kardasz i Omar Karabulut are currently 3rd year students of the Ludwik Solski State Drama Academy in Kraków at Dance Department in Bytom. Their experience has been gained during the work with for example Jacek Łumiński, Janusz Skubaczkowski, Sylvia Hefczynska-Lewandowska, Maciej Kuźmiński, Eric Makohon, Ilona Trybuła, Jerzy Święch and Jan Peszek.

Karolina is a participant in many school projects, which were shown for example at the Festival Poruszenie in Katowice and The Polish Dance Platform 2017 in Bytom. In 2016 the duo "Ex-change" in her choreography was presented at the New Generation Festival in Prague and SzoloDuo International Dance Festival 2017 in Budapest. She is looking for individual moving style by trying different types of movements but now she is mainly interested in physical theatre.


Omar Karabulut

Omar in 2016 co-created a diploma show for students from Israel. "Anybody" under the supervision of Sharon Reshev-Armony at the Kibuttzim College of Education and Technology in Tel-Aviv. At the turn of July and August 2016, he participated in the research project 2nd CEEC-China Summer Dance Camp Enjoy the fun of dancing in southern China. In March of this year he had the opportunity to take part in the performance of ,,The Passage'' by Igor Stravinsky's ballet ,,Wedding'' and ,,Spring FestivaL'' in the choreography of Jacek Luminski.