Białostocki Teatr Lalek

Sunday, 13th May, 20:00

Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński

Performance: Dominik Więcek

Duration: 12 maja

Dominique danced by Dominik Więcek, a sleek and slender young man, looks at concepts of manhood and womanhood, their liquid and contractual nature. His body, put in a socio-political context, turns into Her body, serving as a field of battle for the cultural concepts of gender.

Dominique received multiple awards in 2015 and 2016, most prestigious include:

2nd Prize and Scapino Production Awart at International Choreographic Competition in Hannover '16,

Audience Award & Final Audience Choice Award at Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart '16,

2nd Prize and Audience Award at the Solo Dance Contest '15 in Gdańsk,

1st Prize at the Warsaw Dance Platform '15


phot. Inbal Cohen-Hamo


Maciej Kuźmiński

choreographer, performer and dance pedagogue of the young generation. Since September 2016 Artistic director of Caro Dance Theatre in Siedlce. His works, formally daring, with weighted and dynamic movement, were presented over 70 times since 2014 including Germany, Israel, Brazil, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, England and within Poland. Since 2013 he received a number of awards for his works.

Dominik Więcek

performer, fashion photographer, currently dancer for the Polish Dance Theatre. His solo 'Gold Fish' was finalist of the Solo Dance Contest in 2014 in Gdańsk, and won Best Solo Dance Performance and Jury Awards at the SoloDuo International Dance Festival in Budapest. He is fascinated by fashion photography. His fashion photos were printed in the magazines in Poland, UK and USA.